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Help Center and FAQ

Account Settings

How to I change which properties I view?

You are able to change your properties under your Account Settings. Click “Settings” in the top right corner, and you will be directed to your account settings page. There, you will see your name, picture and all of the properties within your organization. Simply select, and deselect which properties to have them visible on your dashboard. Note: You will receive emails on ALL properties you select to view.

Help! I’m getting way too many emails.

The first step in this process is making sure you aren’t selecting to view properties that you don’t actually manage. You can do that by changing which properties you view under Account Settings. From there, you need to update your email settings. Email settings are located in the right section of your account settings page. Each event that triggers an email can be selected or deselected. Less checks means less emails, and more checks means more emails.

Team Settings

How do I invite new team members?

Account Admins can invite new users to join Ravti. You’ll know if you have admin access if you can see your entire team listed in your account settings. Additionally, above your team list, you’ll be able to click “Invite New User.” Once you send them an invite, they will be able to create a username and password and log in within your organization.

How do I remove a team member?

If you are an admin, you are able to remove inactive team members. To remove an inactive team member, select “Remove Team Member” under that person’s name. Important note: once you remove a team member, they will no longer be able to access Ravti. Please do not remove a team member unless they leave your organization or will no longer ever need to access Ravti.

Oops…. I accidentally removed a team member!

Ruh Roh. Email us at and we can get them back up and running!

Login Issues

Lost your Ravti invitation?

Simply select “Forgot Password” and a new link will be emailed to you. If you have any other login issues, please email

Forgot your password?

Simply select “Forgot Password” and enter your email, and a new link will be emailed to you. If you have any other login issues, please email


How does inventory process work?

Ravti inventories every HVAC unit on the property, so you or your team does not have to worry about it. A trained tech will visit the site, asset tag each unit, and then photograph each unit as well.

How do I get new units inventoried?

Once you have Ravti, you can request replacement pricing for replacement unit(s). As apart of the scope Ravti has the installing contractor take pictures of the new units(s) and the online inventory is automatically kept up-to-date. This sheds your team from having to keep the online HVAC inventory up-to-date, we do it for you automatically.


Can tenants log in to Ravti?

Nope! The Ravti portal is just for owners and managers. You can always link your tenants up with Ravti to help them with a project or to get them on a maintenance plan. See below for how...

I have a tenant that needs...

Awesome! We are happy to help with all tenant projects. Just submit a work request on Ravti, and include your tenants name and contact number in the form under “Contact Info”. We’ll coordinate with the tenants from there.

How does Tenant Compliance work?

We get a list of your tenant contact emails, we upload them into Ravti and we introduce ourselves and the new protocol for submitting proof of maintenance. From there, we email your tenants quarterly and follow up until we get their maintenance tickets.


Does Ravti use my existing preferred vendor(s)?

Absolutely, we love working with your preferred vendor(s). The best part is we can always invite them to bid on the project. If you need three bids, we will send to two other companies.

Do you charge vendors?

Absolutely not. We are completely vendor neutral and want to make vendor bidding as easy as possible for the vendors.

Do I have to pick the lowest price?

No way. We give you the freedom and often times the lowest price is not always selected. We value the relationships you have with your preferred vendors and respect your decision to award business to the vendor of your choice.

What about my warranty?

Your warranty is of utmost important to us at Ravti. It will mirror your desired warranty. Most repair warranties include a 1-year parts warranty and 30-day labor warranty (these can be increased as desired). Most replacement warranties include a 1-year all parts warranty, 5-year compressor warranty, and 1-year labor warranty (these can be increased as desired).

How do I know I am saving money?

If you are worried you aren’t saving enough money on replacements, we encourage you to get a bid in hand from a vendor and ask for the equipment to be itemized out. Use that same bid, and ask Ravti for equipment only pricing. While a bit of a tedious exercise, we’re confident it should give you a strong idea of the markup you’re paying on equipment.

Who do you request bids from?

Your existing preferred vendors. Ravti helps ensure the proper vendors have the proper ability to execute the project.

What if i don’t have any vendors I like?

If you have only one vendor, or no vendors, and want us to introduce you to other vendors, we are happy to give you a list of names in your region.

What happens after I award a project?

First off, congrats on saving money on your HVAC project! Once you award a project you will receive a confirmation email. At first, this may include shipping and tracking information. Then, it may progress to when the job is scheduled. Then, the status of the completion. Finally, your warranty information will reside on that page as well.


How does Ravti invoice for their service and HVAC replacements, repairs?

Ravti is vendor neutral, so we make money off of our annual subscription fee. Annual invoices come from Ravti directly to you. Replacement and repair invoices will likely come direct from the vendor (and we collect the service history and put onto Ravti). If you would rather those invoices come through Ravti, let us know during on-boarding.